Real Assets

Things you can see. Locations you can visit. Tangible products and services that people use every day. Property. Power. Infrastructure. When it comes to real assets, we know how – and where – to find value and opportunity.

A Record of Success

Brookfield Financial has a history of successful transactions that includes a wide variety of asset types, client needs and unique situations. So we are comfortable providing our clients with a correspondingly wide range of advice and services. We have a deep understanding of real assets in general, and of property, power and infrastructure assets in particular.

With our global network and access to the broad resources of Brookfield Asset Management, we have an unsurpassed ability to integrate capital and property markets with the perspective of both advisor and principal.


Whether it is providing straightforward advice or putting together complex transactions and financing arrangements, Brookfield Financial has an outstanding track record when it comes to helping clients capture value in the global commercial real estate market.


An essential asset class that is critically important to both developed and emerging markets. Brookfield Financial has the global connections and the practical perspective needed to realize opportunities in the increasingly competitive infrastructure sector.


From generation to transmission to distribution, and from regulatory regimes to customer profiles, Brookfield Financial understands the power sector and how to connect clients with value.

Special Situations

Our wide-ranging expertise in real assets enables Brookfield Financial to quickly assess unique market circumstances. We can then provide clients with timely strategic advice and options for maximizing value in complex situations.